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Our shop

In our store you can find lovely souvenirs, gifts, books and a lot more.

We are also happy to offer you handmade products made by local people.

Products labeled with Katla UNESCO logo are (at least 50%) made from the local materials.


Our main products:

  • Folklore coloring books;

  • Katla UNESCO Global Geopark products and hiking maps;

  • Postcards and stamps;

  • Books and maps;

  • Local wool products (jumpers, hats, gloves, socks and scarves);

  • Souvenirs.

Our suppliers:

  • Forlagið;

  • Iceland Small World;

  • EY Collection;

  • Nordic Souvenirs;

  • ICD;

  • Sólarfilma;

  • Vala Design;

  • Mar Design;

  • Gyðdja Collection;

  • Smart Boutique;

  • Saltverk;

  • Hugrún;

  • SVALA;

  • Flókakonan;

  • Icelandic Memories.

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