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Vik is the central town in the UNESCO Geopark and has developed as an important local, commercial centre and a major service for the travel industry.

Vik is the only seaside settlement in Iceland without a harbour. This is as a result of nature not allowing such a structure to be built!

There are around 500 inhabitants in Vík. 

The natural beauty of the area is spectacular. There are many places of interest in the vicinity of the town. 

Katla Volcano


Katla is one of the largest volcanoes in Iceland. It is covered by the Mýrdalsjökull ice cap. The volcano crater is situated 700 meters underneath the glacier.

21 eruptions have been recorded in the history of Katla. Katla erupts once or twice a century. The last eruption occurred in 1918. 



Brydebúð is a building that is used these days as the Tourist Information Centre in Vík.

The store was originally built in the Westman Islands in 1831 and was named


In the year 1895, the merchant J.P.T. Bryde bought the old building and moved it to Vik by ship. Store business was ongoing in Brydebúð until 1980.

Folk Tales


Folk tales have been with the Icelandic nation since the beginning of time. Folk tales usually give something a purpose or a meaning. As human beings, we seek explanations for everything and if we are unable to understand something completely, we make a story that fits. 

There are a few folk stories that involve Vík (e.g. The legend of Katla and magic trousers; Reynisdrangar rock pillars and trolls; Hjörleifur the viking).

Mýrdalur, human life & nature


The exhibition Mýrdalur, Human Life & Nature was set up in 2000. It was designed by Björn G. Björnsson in collaboration with the Cultural Association of Brydebú

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