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Katla UNESCO Global Geopark

Katla centre serves as a visitor center for Katla UNESCO Global Geopark and proudly part-takes in the Geopark's many initiatives throughout the region.

The Katla exhibition depicts the volcanic activity within Katla Geopark. Its main focus is on the infamous Katla volcano which nests under Mýrdalsjökul glacier. It last erupted in 1918 and an eruption is considered to be long overdue.

Explore the 3D map of Mýrdalsjökull & Eyjafjallajökull glacier, examine the different types of ash and volcanic rocks from the region and learn about the immense affect volcanic activity has had on the area for thousands of years.

The exhibition is located in the historic Brydebúð building, where you will also find the local information center and Halldórskaffi restaurant.

Free entrance.

Open all year, every day.
Note: May be closed or have shorter opening hours on high holidays.


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