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Unforgettable stormy day in Vík

The Vík area is famous for its black sand beaches, green mountains and glacier views. But what if you get there on a rainy day or get stuck in Vík due to a snow storm? The winter is approaching but travelers don’t despair: We have the recipe for an unforgettable stormy day in Vík.

It will probably take you the first morning hours to simply accept the fact that the weather changed your plans. If you knew this on the night before, go crazy and don’t set your alarm. Bad weather is the ultimate excuse to sleep in. Hopefully your hotel serves good breakfast.

At 11:00, the first Lava Show of the day begins. Close proximity to molten lava at 1100°C must be the most creative way to get your body warm on such a cold day. This 5-star show last 50 thrilling minutes and is finished just in time for lunch. The Soup company is conveniently located in the same building as the Icelandic Lava Show. The steaming hot Lava soup fits the theme we are working with this morning perfectly.

After lunch, take a quick walk to Víkurfjara beach to look at the roaring waves crashing on the black sand. Be sure not go too close to them though, or they will pull you out into the Atlantic. Get geared up at the Icewear store if you didn’t come prepared for this weather.

Getting cold again? Strip down, put on your bathing suit at head to the local swimming pool. The water temperature in the outdoor hot tub stays at a comfortable 40°C year-round, and if that doesn’t do the trick you can always hit the sauna.

The centerpiece of the museum: Skaftfellingur (1918)
The historical Brydebúð building (1895) housing Katla visitor centre and Halldorskaffi

Once you are washed and warm again, it is time to get a local history lesson at the Shipwreck museum. You will not be complaining about the weather after hearing how rough it was for sailors of the past. Did you know, that ships have stranded at least 112 times on these coasts since the end of the 19th century? In this weather, it may not surprise you. Get your museum tickets at Katla visitor center and browse for locally sourced gifts to bring home, or grab coffee and Skyr-cake at Halldórskaffi, located in the same building.

After drinking in new knowledge at the museum, why not get an actual drink at one of the town’s many bars? We recommend going for pre-dinner cocktails at Kría Hotel before getting dinner at the warm and welcoming Suður-Vík restaurant. Their pan-fried char is provided by the local family-run and sustainable fish farm Lindarfiskur. End the day at the local brewery, Smiðjan brewpub for a beer tasting. Smiðjan has 10 Icelandic craft beers on draft! How many will you try?

To sum up:

11:00 – 5-star experience at The Icelandic Lava Show 12:00 – Lunch time soup at The Soup Company 13:00 – Windy walk on Víkurfjara beach 14:00 – Hot tubs and sauna at the local swimming pool 16:00 – Coffee and cake at Halldórskaffi restaurant 17:00 – Shipwreck museum visit - get tickets at Katlacentre 18:00 – Pre-dinner cocktails at Hotel Kría 19:00 – Dine out at Suður Vík restaurant 21:00 – Beer tasting at Smiðjan brewpub

Excited about this itinerary in Vík? Just cross your fingers and hope for bad weather!

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